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Police Looking For Insane Mates Who Climbed Into A Croc Trap

Police in Queensland have reprimanded the actions of a group of four men who were spotted climbing in and around a baited crocodile trap at a marina in Port Douglas.

The trap was baited with partial pig carcasses in waters that are generally known to be infested with crocs! This didn’t deter the lads from fooling around with the trap.

An investigation has been launched by the state’s Department of Environment and Heritage Protection with authorities labeling the stunt as, “stupid and reckless interference”. Penalties for deliberately messing with croc traps amount to over $15,000, and were introduced after others were found tampering with them in the state’s far-north.

To make this stunt extra dumb, the trap these lads were mucking about in was situated not far from where a 79-year-old woman was killed by a crocodile just weeks ago!

Authorities are urging people with information to contact the department.

These blokes got off lucky, but don’t follow in their footsteps!

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