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Police Find Headless Body In The 'Worst' House They've Seen

A headless body has ben found under a pile of rubbish inside an Ohio, America property.

Reports stated that the body was so badly decomposed that police on the scene cannot even determine a gender.

Detective Bud Lytle decided to search the run-down home after a third-party tipped them off about the possibility of a body being inside.

‘It was essentially skeletal remains,’ Lytle told the New York Post, adding that the head had most likely been removed from the body after the person had perished.

Lytle said the extent of the hoarding in the home was the ‘worst’ he had ever seen.

There was apparently four feet of garbage ‘throughout the entire house in the pathways', as well as rubbish 'stacked floor to ceiling' in certain places.

The hoarding took so long to remove it took a long time to locate and remove the body from the home, with investigator requiring chainsaws just to cut through the debris outside.

Family members have said the man who lived there had been suffering mental health problems but had not been seen six months.

While no evidence of foul play has been found, police are awaiting the results of an autopsy and an investigation is ongoing.

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