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Man Lived With Decomposing Bodies Of Mother & Brother

A man who lived with the decomposing bodies of his mother and twin brother has insisted that he's not crazy.

Police in the US found the remains after a concerned neighbour reported that the lawn was overgrown and she hadn't seen movement for quite some time.

It's believed that both the mother and brother died of natural causes, the 94-year-old Evelyn Kuefler in August 2015 and Richard Kuefler some months before.

According to court reports, Evelyn's body was "decayed" while Richard's was "mummified".

"I was traumatised," 60-year-old Mr Kuefler said. "What would you do?

"I'm not some nut ball. People think I am but I'm not. I loved them."

Other family members were unaware of the deaths, with police explaining that Mr Kuefler had written Christmas cards in December 2015 claiming that they were both in bad health and could not speak on the phone.

While disability and social security cheques were still being deposited into Mr Kuefler's mother and brother's accounts, it doesn't appear that any money was being withdrawn.

Investigating officers have charged Mr Kuefler with interfering with a dead body or scene of death, as he had moved his brother's body.

But White Bear Police Capt. Dale Hager said that the charges were filed in the hope that Mr Kuefler would received psychological help through the legal system.

"This is our way of introducing this case onto the court," he said. 

"We do believe his actions violated the law. Moving the body of his brother disrupted the death scene.

"We're depending on our partners in the court system to make a good decision."

Mr Kuefler, however, insists he doesn't need counselling.

"I watched my mother die," he explained. "She always said she wanted to die at home.

"She didn't have any burial plans."

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