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Police Have Stormed Oxford Street Building Amid Gunman Claim

Not even a week after the terrible Paris attacks, there has now been a report of a gunman inside an office building in Sydney’s CBD.

The Oxford Street office has been evacuated amid claims that a gunman is on the premises, however there is currently no evidence this is a terrorism-related incident.

Officers arrived at the scene at around 4:30pm and cordoned off the area around the building on the corner of Oxford Street and Wentworth Street, according to a report on

The federal police are said to be involved in the operation.

A NSW Police spokesman confirmed a police operation is underway but would not reveal details.

The operation was sparked when someone inside the building sent a message to a friend saying there was a gunman in the building, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Nine News reported that the treat was made against the Fair Work Commission, but is yet to be confirmed.

There are around 15 police cars and helicopters on scene.

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