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Policeman Shoots And Kills Unarmed Pregnant Woman

Horrific news out of the US. 

The incident occurred in Baytown, Texas on Monday evening. 

The policeman was trying to arrest the 45-year-old woman.

“I’m actually walking to my house!” she is heard shouting. “You’re actually harassing me.”

“I’m pregnant!” the woman shouts repeatedly and was held to the ground.

The officer then opens fire multiple times, hitting the woman with at least one of the shots. 

She died at the scene. 

Police claim she had tried to grab the policeman's stun gun when he opened fire but this has not been confirmed and the incident is under investigation. 

Many in the media are drawing parallels to the killing of Australian Justine Ruszczyk who was unarmed when she was killed by a policeman in Minneapolis.

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