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"Psychotic" P-Plater Jailed For 2.5 Yrs After 200 km/h crash

A "psychotic" NSW P-plater has been jailed for two-and-a-half years for speeding 200 km/h in a breakdown lane before ploughing into a second vehicle and sending it over a guardrail with the driver still inside.

Kayden James Lawson was found to have cannabis in his system at the time of his arrest and he later "giggled" to police, telling them "it worked, it got rid of the car."

Footage obtained from a truck dash cam shows Lawson's Holden Commodore smashing into then 38-year-old Kristyn Rourke's Toyata Hilux, causing it to plummet 10 metres to smash into an embankment below.

In the clip, the truck driver can be heard saying "F*ck me, he made the truck rock when he went past" over a two-way radio to another truck driver up ahead; later, the second driver calls back: "He's just killed someone I think."

Judge Mark Buscombe yesterday sentenced Lawson to four years in prison at Gosford District Court for dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm with illicit drugs present in his system and failing to stop to render assistance.

Lawson will, however, be eligible for release after two-and-a-half years.

After the crash, the court heard, Lawson took off on his skateboard before being found a kilometre down the road trying to hitchhike; a witness picked him up in his car and returned him to the scene, where a number of other onlookers stood around the car to keep him inside.

Lawson spent seven months as an involuntary mental health patient after the crash, at which point he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

It was also found, Judge Buscombe said, that Lawson had smoked three cones a day for up to a year before the crash.

Ms Rourke, who was trapped in her car for an hour, suffered a number of horrendous injuries including the near "complete traumatic amputation" of her left arm, the loss of her right ear, a fractured neck and a life-long brain injury.

After Lawson sentencing, she said she felt a bit "sorry for him."

"Regardless of the sentence, nothing changes for me," she said. "I'm just pleased it's the closure of that chapter.

"It's been a bit tough but I feel a bit sorry for him as well... he's not well."

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