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Reason Why This Woman Was Arrested at an Airport Is Chilling

As reality TV star, Jemma Lucy, walked through Manchester airport carrying a stuffed toy, she had no idea it would lead to security questioning her over sex trafficking.

The tattooed 28-year-old, who was holding a Simba from The Lion King toy, was pulled up by border security for questioning.

“The weirdest thing has just happened, I’m literally still shaking the border security thing, they literally just stopped me and said, ‘Wait a minute Jemma.’

Ms Lucy explained on her Snapchat.

“Asking me questions about where I’ve been, who I am and all this s***, they won’t let me go through.

“I was absolutely shaking, thinking that I was getting nicked, thinking what the f*** have I done that I can’t remember and I’m getting nicked for it.”

“Turns out it’s all because I’ve got a teddy they thought I was being trafficked,” Ms Lucy said.

“They thought I was being trafficked cause I had this. Why can’t I have a teddy?

“So my heart is still racing. I can’t believe it’s a sign of being trafficked.”

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