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Riot Planned Over Chicken N Cheese Price Rise

The McDonald's Chicken 'n' cheese is a go-to snack when you're feeling a bit peckish and have some loose change rattling around.

Now it looks like you'll have to rattle around for a bit more change.

McDonald's recently rose the price of the Chicken 'n' Cheese burger from $3 to $3.50. And people ain't happy about it. 

A Facebook event has been set up promoting a 'Riot' which will take place in mid January 2018 at the McDonald's at Blacktown Mega Centre in Western Sydney.undefinedundefined


The Facebook event has attracted thousands of people and sparked furious debate about what other changes should be made to the Maccas menu.

For some, the Chicken 'n' Cheese is the least of their concerns. 




It's probably worth noting that satirical Facebook events are a common method of taking the piss, so it's highly unlikely that there'll actually be a riot.

Soz. Put down your pitch forks. 

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