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RIP Adel, The Hero Dad Who Lost His Life Protecting Others

When ISIS suicide bombers launched an attack in Beirut, Lebanon, Adel Termos ran towards them. 

The father of two's heroic decision saved the lives of many but cost him his own. 

Termos was with his young daughter at a coffee shop when he heard a blast from a first suicide bomber. 

He then noticed a second bomber heading towards a crowded mosque, which was targeted in the first explosion. 

According to local media, Termos threw himself at the bomber, causing the explosion to detonate earlier than the attacker planned. 

Blogger Ellie Fares, who lives in Beirut wrote: 

"He ran at him and tackled him, causing the second terrorist to self-detonate. Adel is no longer of this world, but his legacy will live on for years and the repercussions of his heroism will become a tale to tell. Adel is the reason we are not talking about fatalities in the three digits today, he is the reason some families still have their sons, daughters, fathers and mothers. He is a Lebanese hero whose name should be front and centre." 

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the bombings. 

45 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded. 

Source: Essential Baby

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