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Russia Has Lots To Answer On MH17: Bishop

Russia's thwarting of efforts to investigate the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has raised more questions, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says.

A United Nations resolution to set up an independent tribunal to investigate the disaster and prosecute those responsible failed this week after the Russian veto, which drew heavy condemnation from international leaders.

Ms Bishop, who reacted furiously to the move and said it "compounded the atrocity", has rejected the country's excuses that the development came too early and was partisan.

"Surely, if Russia had evidence as to what happened, that was able to point the finger in another direction, why wouldn't Russia want that to be heard before an independent, impartial tribunal that had the backing of the international community through the UN Security Council?" she told Channel Seven on Saturday.

Ms Bishop said she remained determined to provide answers to the families of the 298 people who died in the tragedy.

But the importance of tracking down the culprits was broader than the need for closure, she said.

"Civil aviation must be seen to be safe. People must be able to put their faith and their trust in commercial airlines," she said.

"We need to send a very strong message to those responsible for this that they can't hide, that they will be held to account, and they will be able to present their response to a court and a court will hold them to account."


Photo: ONE AAP

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