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Salim Mehajer Is Now Facing Bankruptcy

31-year-old Salim Mehajer is no stranger to trouble, ever since that over the top 2015 wedding, which shut down a street in Lidcombe, and the divorce that followed 11 months later.

He’s crashed his car a few times, threatened his ex wife Aysha and her family, been charged with electoral fraud offences, been sacked (along with the whole of the Auburn council) for improper conduct, been charged with assault of a Sydney taxi driver, and lastly, found his companies owe $97 million to creditors.

The latest road bump?

The 31-year-old is currently under “virtual house arrest” and facing charges of breaching an AVO taken out by ex-wife Aysha, committing electoral fraud and civil cases about his property developments.

Now, he has been threatened with bankruptcy unless he coughs up $1 million in the next fortnight to pay for a lavish marble staircase in his ostentatious Lidcombe home, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

It’s the same staircase seen in the video for his wedding, and also in one of Bow Wow’s music videos for one of his songs.

The marble marvel was made by Prime Marble & Granite, but Mehajer did not pay the invoice of $596,178, the newspaper reports.

The Greenacre company sued him and won, with NSW District Court Judge Judith Gibson in October ordering Mehajer to pay up to almost $1 million — the cost of the staircase and about $400,000 to cover Prime Marble’s court costs.

Mehajer was served a bankruptcy notice on November 3 after failing to pay, and has until December 12 to pay up, according to The Sunday Telegraph.

However, Mehajer is said to be fighting the movie, and already has a court date to have the notice set aside.

Mehajer’s parents declared themselves bankrupt in December 2016 after allegedly clocking up $10 million in unpaid tax debts.

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