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Julie Bishop URGES Aussies To Do ONE Thing Before Schoolies

Last week Schoolies made headlines due to fears a dangerous drug has arrived in Australia just in time for the upcoming schoolies celebrations.

On Saturday, sixteen people were rushed to hospital after overdosing on the mystery drug at numerous locations throughout the Gold Coast.

Now Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has warned young travellers ahead of schoolies' week celebrations to make sure they have travel insurance

"If you cannot afford travel insurance, you really can't afford to travel," she said.

Reports say eight percent of travellers don't take out travel insurance. 

Those aged 18-29 were the worst offenders even though they were most likely to get into trouble from risk-taking activities.


Ms Bishop urged them to look at exclusion clauses and obtain a policy no matter where they were travelling. 

In this case, Schoolies revelers heading to the Gold Coast and other Australian ‘hot spots’ should make sure they're covered. 

Do you think travel insurance is necessary for schoolies? tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Staff Writers / AAP 

Images: Getty

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