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Scorching Three-Day Heat Wave To Hit Sydney On Friday

The unbearably hot weather is far from over for Sydneysiders with an extreme heat wave on the way.

The next few days are expected to see unbearable temperatures, with the mercury predicted to soar to more than 40 degrees in parts of the city over the weekend.

The heat will begin to increase on Friday, and continue rising over the weekend. 

Some parts of NSW could even reach 46 degrees and humidity levels are expected to be almost 100%. 

Weather tracker Higgins Storm Chasing had an ominous warning on its Facebook page.

“Welcome to hell on earth in Australia,” it read.

“Over the next four to five days, a low pressure trough is forecast to move slowly through South Australia and Victoria, before drifting north to northern New South Wales and Queensland.”

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is predicting cloudy conditions across Sydney tomorrow, with temperatures sitting above 30 degrees.

The hot weather will continue to rise over the weekend, before cooling down on Monday, which could see a possible chance of rain

Hallelujah for that!

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