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Sleeping Toddler Found In Towed Car

A tow truck driver got the fright of his life when he realised a sleeping toddler was inside a four-wheel-drive he'd towed from a Melbourne clearway. 

It is understood that a three-year-old child was left alone, sleeping under blankets in the car which has heavily tinted windows. 

The car was on Sydney Road, Brunswick during peak-hour last Wednesday afternoon. 

Lee Thomson, speaking on behalf of Victoria Police, said when the parents returned to their find their parked car was gone, they thought at first it had been stolen. 

However they quickly learned from police that it had been towed. 

Nationwide Towing operations manager Mark Beveridge says their driver didn't see the child in the back but did check to see no one was inside. 

"The driver was quite distraught, he couldn't believe someone would leave their child asleep in the car unattended - he's got children himself and was quite upset by the whole idea. 

"We've been doing this for 20 years and this is the first time anything like this has happened," Mr Beveridge said. 

The tow truck driver was in Ascot Vale by the time he learned about his passenger but still couldn't see the child inside so flagged down police to help him. 

It's believed the child only woke when police opened the car door. 

The matter is currently being investigated by police.

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