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Social Media Uproar As Phones Across The Country Fail Again

These days it seems like another day, another Telstra outage.

That certainly seems to be the case, especially if you’ve got a plan with a Telco giant.

Well, it seems the third Telstra outage in just THREE months has hit, almost a week after the last one hit and left a large portion of the country unable to communicate.

Obviously, social media is rife with tweets and posts making fun of the Telco and complaining about the service - or lack thereof.

A Telstra spokesman confirmed that customers were reporting difficulty making voice calls on fixed and mobile networks, according to a report on

The outage appears to be affecting people in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Hobart. As complaints started to roll in, Telstra’s official Twitter account advised one person to try turning their mobile phone on and off again.

No word yet on when the services will be back up and running - but Telstra have assured their customers, they are “looking into it as a priority.”


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