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Sorry Sydney: We've Got Even MORE Weather Warnings For You

So apparently Sydney has decided that this March's weather is either going to be a) 31⁰ C or b) absolutely bucketing rain.

(Shout-out to Tuesday, though, which managed to be both. Good work.)

But after yesterday's torrential downpour - which disrupted flights out of Sydney airport - meteorologists have issued even MORE weather warnings, predicting yet more thunderstorms to sweep across the state.

"The worst isn't over yet, we can expect more of the same conditions we saw yesterday," Sky News Weather's Tom Saunders told

"Heavy falls and more thunderstorms are expected across parts of NSW and QLD."

And, unfortunately, it doesn't look like a temporary issue either; showers are forecast through til SUNDAY, with the week's end bringing only a brief respite from the soggy weather.

Basically, if ever you were to plan a weekend in with movies and a snuggly blanket, this is it.

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