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Suburban Sydney Pubs Under Attack Over Noise Complaints

A number of Sydney pubs may be forced to close down their rooftop bars due to neighbours complaining about noise.

Well-known and long-established venues including the Kings Cross Hotel, The Royal Oak Hotel and the Marlborough have been serving drinks for decades, but now face battling new neighbours over their rooftop bars and outdoor drinking areas being too loud.

Some pubs have been ordered to stop trading in their outdoor areas by their local government after new apartment buildings opened nearby.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Solotel, who own the Kings Cross Hotel, has hired lawyers and town planners to fight a trading ban for its rooftop terrace bar.

Sydney City Council issued the ban after residents in new apartments, including the Omnia building next door, complained about the noise.

Solotel CEO Justine Baker said:

'Our rights over the use of our wonderful old hotel cease to exist as soon as an apartment building opens next door,'  

Solotel is also fighting a neighbour of its hotel the Marlborough, in Newtown who want the pubs courtyard closed due to noise.

The Royal Oak Hotel in Double Bay has also come under fire, while the Moore Park View Hotel in Waterloo is being forced to undergo renovations after complaints about people talking loudly and singing on their outdoor deck.

Moore Park View Hotel owner John Doble said: 

'Everybody deserves a good night's sleep but if you buy next to a pub, train line or Luna Park, you know there'll be noise that you'll have to live with'  

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