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Sydney, Are You Ready To Sizzle AGAIN?!?

After holding the dubious honor of being the hottest city in the world recently, it looks like Sydney is about to sweat all over again.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a warning that a severe heatwave will hit us today and is expected to last until Monday, with Penrith expecting to endure FIVE DAYS of temps over 40C.

The Bureau is advising the majority of people in NSW to “keep cool, stay hydrated and look out for vulnerable community members.”

The heatwave has already hit South Australia, Victoria and now it's our turn to feel the burn.

Weatherzone meteorologist Kim Westcott said “It’s a large system and it has some persistence to it. There is no big cool changes coming through either."

“The temperatures will drop on Tuesday but will still be quite warm."

“The city will escape most of the heat as it will be under a sea breeze, but will still get up into the 30s most days."

“But the western suburbs will easily reach 40C most days and this will continue to Monday."

“We are going to see quite a few really hot days that will be a struggle for anyone who doesn’t live near the coast."

Monday is expected to be the warmest day with temps of 35C for the city, and 43C expected for the west. 

Daily Telegraph

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