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Sydney Shopkeepers To Take Part in Terrorist Training

Store owners in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building have been urged to take part in an “emergency” terrorist training course after Australia’s National Terrorism Threat level was raised to “probable”. reports that employees who work in the historic CBD landmark will be taught how to deal with “rogue gunmen and terrorist bombers”, as well as learning how to identify an improvised explosive device.

According to one unnamed staff member, the training – which is due to take place next week – was because the QVB could prove to be a target.

“We are a high-risk tourist building so we need to know what to do if there is ever a situation like this,” she said.

“Security has been heightened and we as managers need to be aware of what to do to protect our employees.”

Taryn McGurk, the building’s marketing manager, confirmed that this is the first time training of this kind will have been rolled out to store owners and their staff.

“It is to teach them how to deal with armed persons and we have an external company which runs the courses,” she added.

The move has been praised by Deakin University terrorism expert Professor Greg Barton, who agreed that they are “taking the right approach.”

“It would be tragic if a lack of training meant someone carrying a pistol was able to injure or kill more people,” he pointed out.

“The downside to being prepared is having to live in a world where the typical retail employee has to consider these things.”

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