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Sydney Taxi Driver KEPT WORKING After Killing 94-YO Woman

Image via 7 News

A Sydney taxi driver has been sentenced to at least 18 months in prison after he was found guilty of leaving a 94-year-old woman to die.

Sydney's District Court was told on Wednesday how Mohammad Farhad had hit Suzanne King when turning right on the Pacific Highway at Crows Nest in August last year; Ms King's body was dragged about 20 metres under Farhad's van, until he stopped.

However he sped off after just seconds later, and, shockingly, kept working until his arrest in Alexandria six hours later.

"He continued with his shift as if nothing had happened," Judge Andrew Scotting said during proceedings.

Ms King was treated by paramedics, but sadly died at the scene; her family spoke on Wednesday about how they would miss their "feisty" and "opinionated" aunt.

"He clearly lacked any compassion," Ms King's niece said. "We all appreciate that accidents happen, but for the defendant to have left our aunt dying on the road is beyond comprehension.

"How could another human being do this?"

The 52-year-old taxi was sentenced to a maximum three years imprisonment, but will be eligible for release in June 2018.

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