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Sydney Teens Charged With Planning ISIS Attack

Two teenage boys who were allegedly caught wielding bayonet-style knifes in Sydney's west have faced court after being charged with planning an Islamic State-inspired terror attack.

The 16-year-olds allegedly purchased the weapons from a Bankstown gun shop on Wednesday afternoon before catching a bus to a nearby location, where they were arrested by police and taken into custody.

Authorities are unaware of any specific target but believe an attack was imminent.

"Had we not been in the right place at the right time ... certainly somebody, potentially today, would be, or another day imminently, would be without their life," AFP Deputy Commissioner Michael Phelan told reporters on Thursday.

The teens have been charged with planning an act of terror - which carries a penalty of life behind bars - and being members of Islamic State, which carries a penalty of 10 years' prison.

The pair appeared before Parramatta Children's Court on Thursday morning after being charged about 5am.

Neither boy applied for bail, with their cases adjourned until December 7.

Police believe the pair had been radicalised, but would not say over how long or by whom.

"I think they had potential radicalisation from potentially radicalised peers," NSW Police Deputy Commissioner Cath Burn said.

Ms Burn refused to confirm reports one boy was related to a man already in jail convicted of terror offences, but said: ""We know that they have connections with people who are radicalised and who are of concern to us."

She said counter-terror police were "well aware" of the 16-year-olds before the alleged terror plot and held concerns about them.

Four western Sydney properties connected with the teenagers - including a prayer hall and multiple homes - were raided after their arrests.

Items were seized for forensic examination and police have not ruled out making further arrests over the thwarted alleged terror plot.

Ms Burn would not comment on reports of a note being found on one of the boys, as the matter is now before the courts.

"We do have evidence. That will come out in court," she said.

This is the 11th imminent attack prevented by the Joint Counter Terrorism Teams in Australia, authorities say.


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