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Sydney, THIS Is When The Coldest Day Of The YEAR Will Be

Sydney, there's no doubt that all of you would have noticed that we have been experiencing one heck of a cold snap recently.

All memories of that warm, summer sunshine have vanished as we've had our heaters on 24/7 and have broken out our beanie and gloves to brave the outdoors.

And well, unfortunately it's only set to get COLDER (if that's even possible!) with reports saying that Sydney is about to experience the coldest period of the year so far in the coming days.

We spoke exclusively to David Barlow, a spokesperson at the Bureau of Meteorology, to find out exactly what sort of temperatures we can expect and when Sydney will hit it's coldest point.

"Friday and Saturday night will be the coldest. In particular, night time temperatures are going to get cold over the weekend. The city is looking at 7 degrees Friday night and 6 degrees on Saturday night.

"In the West, the coldest temperatures will be in places like Camden, dropping to 1 degree on Friday night and 0 degrees on Saturday night."

Looks like you'll need to crack out those electric blankets Sydney, if you already haven't that is!

In terms of temperatures during the day, David revealed that the coldest day will be Friday.

"It will actually be tomorrow [Friday], with tops of 15 degrees in the city and similar temperatures in the West."

So when can we start to see a light at the end of this freezing cold tunnel? Well David also told us exactly when the temperatures will begin to climb back up.

"Later in the weekend for the daytime temperature, with Sunday climbing up to 19 degrees, but the night time will still be quite cold until Monday night, where it should be a bit milder."

I mean it ain't anything like a beautiful spring day, but we'll take what we can get!

Unfortunately, David did predict that Sydney would "return to colder temperatures around Wednesday night."

So if you're planning on packing away your thick winter woolies, we would advise against it.

Instead, why not take this as an opportunity to head to the shops and treat yourself with a cute new pair of snuggly winter jammies...because it's necessary right?

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