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Terror As British Airways Flight FLOODS Mid-Air

Passengers have experienced a scary ride on a flight from Johannesburg that was 90-minutes out from its Heathrow destination.

Unexpectedly, a trolley hit a pipe that caused water to cascade down from the upper deck and flood the walkways.


Staff frantically rushed to put out blankets down to soak up the leak, which had originated from the upper cabin of the Airbus A380 on Sunday.

Passenger Nicolas Gausserand, who is a frequent flier with BA, spoke to MailOnline Travel, saying that the flowing water created a 'weird atmosphere', with cabin crew 'overwhelmed'.


'Everything on the floor was totally wet, my feet and my backpack were totally wet. Most of the passengers were not wearing shoes at that stage.

'The crew began putting blankets on the floor. We saw that it was chaos and [they] were overwhelmed by the situation.'

He says that although the leak was from the upper deck, passengers on both parts of the plane were left with wet feet and belongings.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the pilots informed the passengers that the leak was not dangerous and that the plane would land as normal at Heathrow, even though the electrical system was turned off.

Source: Daily Mail

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