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Thailand’s ‘Murder Island’ Claims 7th Victim

Warning: Graphic Content

Thailand… it’s the holiday destination that attracts thousands of Aussie travellers every year, but there’s one island we suggest you avoid, COMPLETELY.

Koh Tao Island is a small 21 km² island just 75km off the coast of Koh Samui, which has aptly been titled ‘murder island’ by travellers, after the 7th body of a tourist has been found in less than three years.

30-year-old Elise Dallemange, has tragically be named as the 7th tourist found dead on the island after her body was discovered being eaten by lizards.

Her body had to be identified using dental records and X-rays.

Local authorities believe Ms Dallemange, took her own life, but the victims mother, Michele, believes otherwise.

“I do not believe what the police have told us. We fear somebody else was involved,” she said.

“We’re more and more thinking that the police information is not the right explanation.”

This is not the first time, conclusions made by the police have been questioned by the families of the victims.

In fact, many are now concerned that something much more sinister is going on in Koh Tao, something authorities may be covering up to save the reputation of the picturesque resort island.

Ms Dallemanges mother told local Belgian magazine Der Farang, that she hasn’t received the autopsy of her daughter that was previously promised by to her by the police.

The major concern in this entire story is that, Elise called her mother on the 17th of April saying she was returning to Belgium.

It was during her trip to the mainland on the 19th the she unexpectedly detoured to Koh Tao.

After Elise’s body was found on the 27th of May, her mother also claimed that she was never shown pictures of her daughter in the location police claimed she was found.

Showing these kinds photos to the victim's family is common practice as images are photographed by police while gathering evidence.

An officer from Koh Tao police said that there were no more questions to answer regarding Elise’s death.

But, with so many unanswered questioned regarding how Elise ended up on the island in the first place, Elise’s mother has hired a private investigator to track down locals who discovered her daughters corpse and confirm exactly where her body was found.

Elise had been living on neighbouring full-moon party island, Koh Phangan, while travelling around Asia for the last two years.


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