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The BEST Suburb To Invest In In NSW Is In Western Sydney

It seems that the rest of the state is starting to realise what we knew all along: Western Sydney is the place to be.

A study by Mozo has named Liverpool as the best suburb in NSW to invest in after taking factors like vacancy rates, property price movements and supply and yield into account.

In particular, the data pointed to units as the smartest investment; with the average price of a unit in Liverpool sitting at $435,000, the potential yield could be up to 4.3 per cent.

According to, the median weekly rent for the same property is $370 which, since vacancy rates in the area are down to 3.7 per cent, could provide a steady income for potential investors.

Steve Jovcevski, a property expert with Mozo, said that those factors, as well as the proximity to the CBD, made Liverpool the clever choice.

"One day it will be a bigger business hub and experience population growth so it will always be a smart investment," he said.

"There has been a lot of activity so expect to see prices increase over the next few months."

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