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The Cops Want Help To Identify This Seven Hills Motorcyclist

Police are appealing for information after concerning video footage was recently received of a motorcyclist in the Seven Hills area.

The undated footage shows a male rider on an unregistered Kawasaki trail bike, allegedly riding dangerously before proceeding through a red-traffic signal, across turning traffic.

Commander of Traffic & Highway Patrol Command operations, Superintendent Julie Middlemiss said this footage is deeply concerning.

“It not only shows a blatant disregard for the safety of other road users, but also for the rider himself.

“Not only does the rider go through a red-traffic signal in front of other vehicles, but the person filming the incident does so as well.” Supt Middlemiss said.

“Whilst the majority of the motorcycle community are law-abiding and responsible riders, it is a small minority of riders like the one shown whose behaviour causes serious concerns for police. 

“59 motorcyclists died last year and 2,223 riders suffered serious injuries in crashes as well. 

“We are seeking the assistance of the motorcycle community, road users and the wider community to identify this rider and the driver involved in filming this totally unacceptable behaviour” said Superintendent Middlemiss. 

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