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The Disturbing Transaction That Lead To The Ingleburn Shooti

This week, Sydney was rocked by the shocking shooting at a sign store that left one man dead and two injured.

At first, the details of the event were unclear, but it has now been confirmed that the incident was over a transaction gone sour.

The Bassel brothers had planned to ask for a refund during a meeting at Inline Signs in Ingleburn, when Wayne Williams, the man who has now been described as the shooter, opened fire.

According to a report on, the Bassel brothers had paid $40,000 to Inline Signs for the manufacture and installation of signs but were frustrated that they hadn’t arrived.

They had been invited to Inline Signs for a meeting and were planning to ask for a refund.

When they entered the shop, it is reported that Williams, who works at Inline Signs with his father, Peter James Williams, opened fire.

43-year-old Mick Bassal was gunned down instantly and his brothers Terry and Mark Bassal were wounded.

“That meeting was organised after a number of requests as to the status of the signage, and then for a return of money already paid,’’ the family’s lawyer Richard Mitry said.

“We understand that, as they arrived at the premises, they were immediately shot at and Michael Bassal died almost instantaneously.”

It is then believed that Wayne Williams went upstairs and shot himself.

The killer’s father Peter Williams appeared in Campbelltown Local Court yesterday charged with discharging a firearm in a public place and concealing a serious indictable offence.

He has requested bail in order to plan his son’s funeral.

It is understood Michael Bassal has links to the Rebels bikie gang, while Williams is a known Finks bikie associate, but rumours the shooting was domestic or linked to a bikie feud were dismissed by the family’s attorney.

“Michael, Terry and Mark Bassal were involved together in a construction business,” he said.

“Their connection to the alleged gunman and those subsequently charged was solely related to that construction business.

Any speculation by the media that there was something more, and particularly any alleged criminal association between the deceased and the gunman, is nothing but speculation and we are instructed that it is completely unfounded.

“They had contracted with Inline Signs to supply signage for a property they were developing. They had paid but the work had not been done.”

Wayne Williams wife is reportedly “completely distraught” and is yet to tell their three young children the news.


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