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The Heartbreaking Radio Call NO Paramedic Wants To Hear

Pete Keach has experienced pain and suffering beyond what any parent should have to go thorugh.

Pete is a paramedic and was an hour away from home helping another patient when a call came in over the radio.

A baby was in cardiac arrest near where he lived.

The infant was the same age as his own son, Sam, and as soon as he heard the call coming through Pete knew the situation was not going to end well.

“I heard the call come over the radio and I knew that if it wasn’t Sam it would be one of the kids from the mother’s group,” he told Mamamia.

He began making his way to Rye in Victoria where he lived.

He had tried to call his wife but her phone was engaged.

Then came the news from the radio which he had been hoping against hope wouldn't be true. He was heading for his address, it was his 21 month old son that was in cardiac arrest.

When he arrived outside his house three other ambulances were already there.

They all confirmed what Pete already knew.

His happy healthy thriving little baby boy was dead, Pete was the one to officially announce the time of death.

Sam had died unexpectedly and a coroners report found that his death was "undetermined."

Pete and his wife Georgie went on to have two little girls, however Georgie's pregnancies and the following months after each baby was born were fraught with worry and tension.

Pete and Georgie say SIDS and Kids (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) were absolutely incredible and have helped them every step of the way throughout their incredibly difficult and painful journey.

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