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The HSC Is Set For A Major Overhaul

The most significant changes to the HSC in decades will soon be implemented to help year 12 students become more employable after they graduate.

The NSW Education Standards Authority, formerly the Board of Studies, will release new syllabuses for English, Maths, Science and History so fewer topics will be studied in favour of "less breadth and more depth" in all subjects.

After a four-year consultation period with teachers and academics, students who study high level maths will be rewarded through the introduction of a common marking scale to discourage them from choosing easier subjects.

There will also be a renewed emphasis on maths in the sciences, especially Physics and Chemistry.

The president of NSW Education Standards Authority Tom Alegounarias said:

“We are emphasising depth above breadth,”  

“Previously, there was too much choice (of subject ­material) that lent itself to rote learning."

“In science there will be more science and less social theory, so that the course ‘Search for Better Health’ will become ‘Non-infectious Diseases and Disorders’, and ‘Moving About’ will become ‘Kinematics and Dynamics’.

“This has come at a time when we want more experts in science … so if you are studying physics then you will have to study the more difficult maths.”

Education chiefs said they had listened to feedback from employers and businesses that many school leavers applying for jobs lacked basic skills in literacy and numeracy.


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