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The Problem That Has ALREADY Been Found With The New iPhone

It is a supposed ‘certainty’ that Apple will announce three iPhones by the end of the year, one being the hugely talked about, curved OLED display model, with an edge-to-edge glass display.

But according to the Herald Sun, the new device is already receiving criticism for it’s design… Go figure? 

Reddit users have been quick to point out that the new placement of the finger scanner would be a terrible move from Apple.

“Just try holding your iPhone now and reaching your index finger that far below the Apple logo. If this is true, it is a disastrous placement of touch ID, even worse than the S8 in my opinion,” they wrote. 

The comments come following leaked drawings of the apparent new iPhone which shows the fingerprint scanner moved to the rear of the phone.

I guess (like all Apple announcements) we’ll just have to wait and see… 

Watch this space.

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