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Ominous Warning From Mother Weeks Before Dreamworld Tragedy

Everyone is still in shock over the Dreamworld ride tragedy that claimed four lives and left families without their loved ones, children without their mother.

No-one is sure how the tragedy, which saw a raft overturn on the famous ‘Thunder River Rapids Ride’ came to pass.

Now, a concerning report that has surfaced tells that a mother raised safety concerns to Dreamworld and ominously warned ‘someone will get killed one day’ just two weeks before four people died horrifically on the Thunder River Rapid’s ride.

Gold Coast woman Tracey Christensen complained her children's belt buckles had undone mid-air on The Claw, while other rides the Tower of Terror, Puss in Boots and Wipeout all had operational or maintenance issues. She complained to the Dreamworld Facebook page a day later, on October 10, and said she had been ignored by staff.


'The kids get off The Claw and said one of their belt buckles came undone right up in the air,' Ms Christensen wrote. 'I told the attendants, they didn't listen. I went and told the manager and he said he will call someone to go have a look, yet they continued to let people on the ride and keep operating.

'I went back to the manager and questioned it and he tells me that the belt buckle is an added safety feature Dreamworld added to the seats, so if they come undone they are still safe,' she said.

The mother claimed as they went to go on the Tower of Terror, they were told there was 'an operational issue and we are waiting for maintenance'. 'Then [the kids] went on Puss in Boots, maintenance issue.

Then went to the Wipeout, 'sorry, operational issue',' she claims to have been told. The manager also told her the log ride was broken, she said.

'Are you freaking kidding me? 'Someone will get seriously injured or killed one day,' she said.

Source: Daily Mail

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