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The One ESSENTIAL Thing That Is Going To Cost Us More

It's the news none of us want to hear. As a result of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) recommending an increase in GP fees, the cost of a regular visit to the doctor's will rise.

We're talking about a standard appointment of under 20 minutes.

The Herald Sun is reporting that appointment fees will grow to $78 from the first of November. And because of the growing number of practitioners who are getting rid of bulk billing, even more of us will be hit with the price increase.

Patients who visit doctors who do not bulk bill will be compensated for less than half of the total amount by Medicare because of the government freezing the Medicare rebate at the 2014 level - $37.05.

If you combine this with the overall price increase for a standard consultation, it means that we will be left with a $41 out of pocket fee just to see a doctor.

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