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The Food That Brought The Grocery ‘Barcode Bandit’ Undone

Earlier this week a Brisbane single mother who described herself as in ‘dire financial straits’ was undone, after months of gluing cut-out 72 cent noodle barcodes to expensive slabs of meat, $200 coffee machines and other household products.

The woman successfully stole $4,500 worth of groceries from the supermarkets, by simply sticking the barcodes to items she intended to purchase, before scanning them through the self service checkout.

This went on for around three months, until her plan was foiled by an eagle-eyed female Woolworths manager last year in what’s been reported as a dramatic confrontation at the checkouts at Breakwater in September last year.

The suspicion came after the shop eventually noticed it was selling an unusually excessive amount of $0.72 Mi Goreng packets and staff realised what the woman (who would become nervous when her items were voided) was doing.


It was a $27.61 rump roast that was scanned through with one of her fake barcodes that ended up being the woman’s demise, as a worker noticed the bizarre transaction.

The staff member voided the sale and the woman claimed she was unaware - scanning her FlyBuys card and walking out. It wasn’t long before police traced her bank card and were granted a warrant.

She pleaded guilty to 31 counts of fraud, three counts of attempted fraud and one count of possessing a drug-related utensil.

‘She’s a different person now. She has turned her life around,’ her father told Daily Mail Australia on Thursday as his daughter holed herself up in the family's suburban home.

Source: Daily Mail

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