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The One Huge Change That EVERY P-Plater Needs To Know About

There are important changes coming into effect for provisional licence holders, and they're happening soon.

From December 1, no P2 licence holder will be permitted to use their mobile phone for any activity while driving or riding - which means penalties for any drivers caught using their phone for GPS or for playing music through.

Currently only learner and P1 drivers are restricted in this way but, from next Thursday, P2 holders can be penalised with four demerit points if caught using their phone in any capacity.

During double demerit periods, the penalty can be escalated to eight points.

According to a letter sent out by NSW Transport, P2 drivers are still allowed to use a GPS device as long as it isn't a phone and is mounted to the vehicle; they may also make and receive calls while the car or bike is completely parked and out of the line of traffic.

No learner or provisional driver will be permitted to use Bluetooth devices to make or receive calls or to play music, through, while the vehicle is in motion.

For more information on your licence restrictions, including further changes coming in towards the end of next year, you can check out

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