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The Rare Weather That's Going To RUIN Our Summer

The Bureau of Meteorology has handed Sydney the early Christmas gift that no-one asked for, issuing an alert for a rare phenomenon that could signal months of wet weather.

It's now almost certain that La Nina, a climatic cycle at the other end of El Nino, will develop in the coming weeks, bringing with it a damp, drizzly summer.

BoM upped their prediction as sea temperatures in the equatorial Pacific Ocean continue to cool, tripling the likelihood of La Nina occurring.

"Oceanic indicators of ENSO show a clear progression towards La Nina," they said on Tuesday. "Tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures have cooled since late winter, and waters beneath the surface remain cooler than average in the eastern Pacific.

"However they are currently just shy of La Nina thresholds.

"As a result, the ENSO Outlook has been raised to La Nina 'alert' meaning there is approximately a 70 per cent chance - or triple the normal likelihood - of La Nina occurring."

Which means that Australia could very well be in La Nina from early December through until February.

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