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The Secret Beef Behind One Of Our Favourite Burger Joints

Warning: This article contains some strong language which may not be appropriate for all ages.

The two best mates who turned a small burger shop into a $300million fast-food empire are now fighting a court battle over who has the ownership of the company, Grill'd.

From mates to business partners and now to a fueding dispute, Mr Bainbridge even admitted to calling Mr Crowe a "c***" at meetings.

Things turned sour between Simon Crowe and Geoff Bainbridge after some claims of deceit with dealings through the company's financial records, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Mr Crowe has described Mr Bainbridge as someone he can no longer trust, and somebody that he detests, even though they had been close friends for 17 years.

Mr Bainbridge, the minority shareholder initiated the legal action against his business partner, and has asked for the currect CFO and director of the company to both be removed.

Mr Crowe's counter claim is to force Mr Bainbridge to sell his stake in the company.

Admist all of these arguments is a conflict over how much the company is actually worth.

The case is ongoing in the Federal Court.

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