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There's A Wild BOAR On The Loose In This West Sydney Suburb

Penrith apparently has a new resident, with a feral pig spotted roaming the streets of the western Sydney suburb.

The boar, which Local Land Services Greater Sydney said looks to be wild, has been spotted on multiple occasions throughout the neighbourhood.

Local Rob Creamer saw the enormous animal in the early hours of Sunday morning, following it as it ran down Factory Road in Regentville before heading to Mulgoa Road, Jaminsontown.

He took photos, which have since appeared in The Daily Telegraph.

Residents are advised not to approach the animal but to instead contact the experts, who will send out a biosecurity officer.

"The best suggestion would be to keep away from it and give Local Land Services a call straight away [if spotted]," a spokesperson said.

Understandably, locals are concerned; feral pigs can cause significant damage to fencing and crops.

"Is there a plan to catch it?" resident Wade Sawkins wondered. "Not exactly the thing I want to see when walking my dogs or pushing a pram."

There are hefty fines in place to restrict the transportation of feral pigs, with penalties starting at $2,200 and climbing to $22,000.

If you do spot the Penrith pig, please call 47242100.

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