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THESE Are The Lockout Laws Rules Mike Baird Is Set To Change

Ever since they came into power, Mike Baird’s lockout laws have been controversial.

There have been rallies and protests to see Sydney’s streets stay open, with the younger generation frustrated at being treated like ‘children’ with the introduction of more rules than ever before.

Yesterday, Baird backflipped on his decision to stop greyhound racing, admitting he had made a colossal mistake and would give the sport one more chance.

Fresh from that, he’s apparently going to make a few changes to his heavily criticised Sydney lockout laws. Liquor laws are said to change too, with Baird allegedly set to move bottle shop curfews from 10pm, to potentially midnight.

He’s also set to adopt recommendations from the review by former High Court Justice Ian Calling, including allowing live music venues to stay open longer and the CBD and King’s Cross lockout to be pushed to 2am, according to a report in the Daily Telegraph.

Live music venues will potentially be allowed to stay open from the current cut off of 3am, to 3:30am, as recommended by Mr Callinan.

This could all be happening as soon as TOMORROW! What else do you think should be changed?

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