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These Parents Are Suing Their Own Child For A Crazy Amount!

Remember when you were little and you'd have to literally beg your parents for $2 to spend on snacks at the canteen at school?

How you'd have to make all sorts of promises, like cleaning your room or doing the dishes in order to make the loan happen?

Yeah? Us too! Well that's why we're pretty confused with how this situation occurred where a New Zealand couple ended up having to take their own daughter to court after handing out a pretty hefty loan.

It's alleged that Marian and trevor Warin had lent their 54-year-old daughter $345,000 to help her pay for her house. And now she is refusing to pay them back!

But the elderly couple are not willing to take no for an answer (we wouldn't either after that kind of generosity) and are now threatening to SUE their own daughter, Colleen Warin, over the matter.

It is being reported that they took the matter to the High Court in Wellington as the money is needed to keep them afloat during their retirement.

84-year-old Marian Warin took to her Facebook profile to publish how she felt about the situation, telling her daughter to "get a job and earn your own money."

She continued by saying, "Please respect me and do not ask for any money off your parents or grandparents.

"You know who you are that have borrowed off us and have all these excuses as to why you [can't] hold a job down and can't pay your loans.

"You need to get jobs and borrow off the bank like normal people. Trevor and I are not a Bank."

The court ruling didn't appear to make situations any better however, with Colleen saying that she would not speak with the woman whom she no longer considers as her mother.

Colleen Warin, who happens to be a chartered accountant, alleged that a repayment of the money on demand was never agreed upon in a written agreement.

It was under her understanding that she would not have to pay the money back to her parents until she was in an appropriate financial position to do so.

It's safe to say that the Warin's have learnt their lesson and advise all other parents out there who lend out significant amounts of dough to their children to have the terms in writing.

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