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Thief Steals Car 3 Nights In Row, Returns It With Full Tank

Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, right?

That’s probably what one bold thief thought when he borrowed stole a couple’s Range Rover, worth almost $200,000, three nights in a row.

The kicker? Each morning he returned it nice and clean, with a full tank of petrol.

The owner of the luxury 4WD, Wealthy Wang from Hangzhou, China, noticed the car missing from an underground car park, where he kept at least five other high-end vehicles, and alerted police.

However, authorities were left scratching their heads when the car appeared the next morning in not just a pristine condition… but also a full tank.

Say what now.

Upon checking out the CCTV footage, police found a bloke about midnight walking into the car park and taking off with the car before returning it about 6am.


Upon returning from a third night out with the car, 19-year-old Zhang was pinged by the cops.

It later emerged that after learning Mr Wang’s routine, Zhang forged a pair of keys. He told police that never intended to actually steal the car, he just wanted to impress his friends - and the ladies – while posing as a wealthy bachelor.

He would return the Range Rover back in immaculate condition so his actions would go unnoticed.

He spent 15 days in jail.

The Mirror

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