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This Is How Much Money Each Australian Is Spending On Food

New South Wales residents are Australia’s biggest spenders when it comes to groceries.

On average each household will drop around $149 a week on food. However, more than 20 per cent of that good will go straight to the bin.

The findings are for the latest RaboDirect Financial Health Barometer Food and Famring Report, which has revealed that Australia wastes $10 billion worth of food annually, which is about $1100 per household.

Results come from a study undertaken by 2300 Australians aged 18-65. Their grocery spending habits revealed that Victoria’s weekly spend trails New South Wales, who spend $159 a week on food. This was followed by the ACT and Queensland ($154), Western Australia ($146), South Australia ($145) and Tasmania ($136). The Northern Territory was not included.

Every additional child in a household will generally cost an extra $30 a week to spend and generation Y are the biggest food wasters, with a quarter of their food being wasted.

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