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THIS Is The Real Reason Eagle Boys Died

The fact that Eagle Boys Pizza has gone into administration is actually very telling about Aussie tastes.

What’s become pretty clear, is that Aussies just aren’t THAT into chain restaurants.

Despite Domino’s storming the pizza scene, the good ol’ fashioned local pizza shop remains king, holding more than half the market.


This means there is room for a certain number of chain pizza restaurants, but not TOO many.

Instead of killing off the independents, the rise of Domino’s killed off Eagle Boys. Pizza Hut is also much diminished from its former glory.

It’s actually not that shocking when you think about it. We rejected Starbucks and Krispy Kreme, we watched Pie Face fail and we got over Sizzler.

It’s the independent restaurants and cafes have become more and more celebrated.

However, there are a few chains that are doing very well, however.

Boost Juice, Guzman y Gomez and Roll’d are all examples of local fast food chains growing very quickly and being very successful. But there are still far more independent juice bars, independent Mexican outlets and independent Vietnamese outlets than there are chain outlets.

The chain restaurant does not dominate like it does in America.


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