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THIS Is What The Weather Is Going To Be On Christmas Day

If you’re a serial planner, no doubt you’ve thought about looking forward to Christmas Day - and wondered what the weather will be like - already.

Well, those who were planning to go to beach, might be a little disappointed.

It’s not really something that should surprise us, seeing as more often that not Christmas day is cool and drizzly - almost as of it’s trying to mimic Christmas Day around the rest of the world.

According to a report on the Daily Mail and research from AccuWeather, the suggested maximum temperature on Christmas Day in Sydney will be about 26C, with an expected low of 18C.

Around 8mm of rain is predicted to fall, while Boxing Day could be even wetter with nearly 20mm expected.

In Canberra, they’re set for a slightly warmer Christmas Day, with tops of 28C, but with the chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. In Melbourne, they’re looking like they’ll receive plenty of cloud across the festive day.

Temperatures look set to reach the high 20s. Hobart looks set for a cool and cloudy day - but should avoid rain - while the early predictions suggest Adelaide will stay dry with a below average maximum of 24C.

No rain is expected in Perth with temperatures around the mid-20s and Darwin should be typically hot with afternoon thunderstorms.

Brisbane may see the best of the weather for Australia's major cities with a fine and sunny day expected and a top of 28C.

However, we’re three weeks out - and we know that conditions can chance considerably in that time, so don’t stress too much!


The Bureau of Meteorology said it will be a wetter summer than usual across the country thanks to a La Nina weather system developing in the Pacific Ocean.

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