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New App Could Save Motorists Time... And Cash

A free app which live-tracks speed traps and traffic issues in real time by scanning social media in WA is set to roll out to the rest of the country next year.

When a user of Ncam inputs the details of their route, the app scans for speed cameras, jams and accidents, making it easier to get from A to B.

The app crawls websites, social media and user submissions to log where hazards and radars were located.

Ncam is currently free from the App Store and Android, with a premium version also available for a fee.

“We anticipate this will reduce the amount of drivers using their phone to access this information while driving,” the app’s description states.

WA police currently pull in $100 million dollars from speeding fines.

A WA police spokesman told WAtoday he was unaware of the app’s existence.

The app is currently exclusive to WA and will only be released Australia wide in April.

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