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Thousands Affected After Aussie Airline CANCELS Xmas Flights

Budget airline Tigerair have cancelled dozens of their domestic Christmas flights, affecting thousands of passengers. 

According to reports, regulatory processes have been blamed for the late changes to Tigerair’s Christmas flight schedule due to the low-cost carrier’s transition to fly a new aircraft domestically. 

The airline's application to add a fourth Boeing 737 to their fleet was not approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in time. 

Around 4,000 Tigerair bookings had to be rescheduled, including their most popular route - Sydney to Melbourne.

Airline passengers have been forced to reschedule their flight plans during one of the busiest travel periods of the year. 

A spokesman for Tigerair has said “Affected customers were contacted in early December and provided alternate travel options on the same day of travel, with the majority within two hours of the original scheduled departure time,"

Tigerair hope the fourth plane will be operational by next year. 

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Main Image: FNQSkies

Source: Herald Sun

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