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Two Aussie Bushwalkers Found, Cassie Still Missing

It’s the missing person mystery that’s gripped a nation.

Cassie Olczak was last seen boarding a train from Banksia station on Sunday night at around 6:58pm on Sunday evening.

Then, word came in that friends, 21-year-old Nikki Groves and Kate Bateup were lost in the national park near where Cassie went missing (unrelated to Cassie Olczak).


They called National Parks and Wildlife Services at 2pm on Wednesday saying they were lost in the national park after walking on an unknown track east from Waterfall Railway Station.

However, the girls have now been found. But Cassie Olczak is still missing.


Police were clear that although all three girls are believed to be in the area, their disappearances are two separate incidents.

The family of Cassie Olczak, 16, are worried for her safety with fears she was agitated and may have been given something before she disappeared on Sunday night.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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