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US retailer sells Black Flag t-shirt for $265

It goes against everything that punk rock stands for, but that hasn’t stopped one US retailer selling Black Flag t-shirts for $US265 each.

Barneys New York listed the shirt online without the knowledge, or sense of irony, from either the band or former frontman Henry Rollins.

The description claims the t-shirt, which includes the Black Flag lettering and graphic, is "exclusive" to Barneys.

"Crafted of black brushed Japanese cotton-cashmere jersey, R13's T-shirt is printed at front with white 'Black Flag' lettering and graphics and styled at sides with decorative elongated zippers," it reads.

The $US265 price tag converts to a bowel-shuddering $348 in Australia.

While Rollins is the former frontman, he remains the best-known member of Black Flag.

A representative for Rollins told 96FM that he has "nothing to do with this".

Barneys, however, may not be at any fault and may have done their due diligence and licensed through the copyright owner, but either way, said Rollins’ rep, Henry and his management were not involved in this process or made aware in advance.

The logo, created by artist Raymond Pettibon, symbolised the band’s themes of rebellion and anarchy.

The official version sells for $US15.

 Similar band t-shirts on the Barneys site, including The Cure, Black Sabbath, Metallica and Motorhead, retail for $175, which any fan would find farcical.

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