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USA Calls Our Boomers Annoying As They Make It To Semis

In a glowing piece about Australia's Olympic basketballers, the esteemed Wall Street Journal said "they take pride in being annoying".

It was meant in the nicest possible way.

The Boomers were at their annoying best against Lithuania in their Olympic quarter-final in Rio on Wednesday.

The 90-64 thrashing was some sort of payback against the world No.3 Lithuanians who have twice knocked Australia out of a medal at the Olympics.

Patty Mills darting about court and potting three pointers would have annoyed them.

Aaron Baynes' top knot is annoying, but his strength, size and scoring power under the basket must have annoyed them even more.

Lithuania's free throw percentage of 33 annoyed coach Jonas Kazlauskas.

Andrew Bogut's deft hand-off around the massive body of Lithuanian enforcer Jonas Valanciunas to Baynes to dunk definitely annoyed big Jonas.

And the way Damian Martin from the little old Perth Wildcats shut down Lithuania's points-scoring machine Mantas Kalnietis annoyed the vocal Lithuanian crowd.

But there was nothing more annoying than that Lithuanian crowd.

Passionate and loud in their red, gold and green, many of them travel the world following their national team in their national sport.

And they let you know they're in the house.

Whistling, jeering, booing, blowing horns whenever Australia had the ball, chanting "Lietuva, Lietuva" when they didn't.

"We didn't hear it, we're locked into what we're trying to do," Bogut said.

"European crowds, they throw everything at you, clappers, vuvuzelas, you try to block it out."

The American media can no longer block out the prospect of Australia challenging the US, especially after they pushed the Dream Team in their pool match last week.

The Wall Street Journal is part of a wave in American media taking notice of, and admiring, the Boomers.

The Americans have seen many of them for a while in the NBA and grown to respect them.

Especially the likes of Mills ("faster than almost anyone in the league", says the WSJ), Bogut (sets "the vicious screens") and Matthew Dellavedova ("the NBA's foremost pest").

The Journal says the Australians are "the guys who everyone wants on their teams", they're selfless, they're role players and they're not intimidated.

They're even "the country that could beat the US in the Olympics".

Now, that would be annoying.


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