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We Now Know Why The Opera House Was Evacuated Last Week

Do you remember last week, when the Opera house and the area surrounding it were evacuated?

Ferries from Manly were re-routed, a wharf at Circular Quay was closed - and manned by several police.

Ringing any bells?

Well, we know that it wasn’t an impending terrorist attack as many of us feared.

Oh no, a tweet from NSW Police has confirmed it was far simpler than that.

The tweet reveals that a boy was charged over alleged threats made on social media last week, which resulted in the evacuation of the Opera House - and several other disruptions to the city and Manly.

The tweet also linked to a press release, which provided a little more detail.

Allegedly, a 17-year-old-boy was behind it all, using social media to make a threat, to which police swiftly responded.

The Opera House was promptly evacuated and the surrounding area was thoroughly searched.

Police also attended Manly ferry wharf after receiving information those responsible for the threats may have been on a ferry.

The media releases states that ‘Searches of both locations were concluded with nothing of interest located.’

‘Following an investigation by Sydney City Local Area Command detectives, police arrested a 17-year-old boy at Sydney City Police Station yesterday (Monday 18 January 2016). He was subsequently charged with false representation resulting in a police investigation.

He is due to appear at a Children’s Court on 23 February 2016.’

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