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We Spent How Much At The Boxing Day Sales?!

We'd only just unwrapped our Christmas presents and we were right back at it - shopping!

The Australian Retailers Association has declared this year's Boxing Day sales a success, with boss Russell Zimmerman predicting national sales of $2.4 billion.

"Judging by the increase in foot-traffic and shoppers lining outside bricks-and-mortar stores, I think we may have hit the mark," he said on Wednesday.

"With the growth of online retail the ARA believes many Australians got their bargains online this year, with consumers choosing to click through websites to take advantage of the best sales of the year."

So who are the biggest spenders?

According to the ARA, NSW shoppers will spend $766 million in the post-Christmas sales, followed by $745 million from Victorian shoppers.

Queenslanders will spend $402 million, Western Australians $217 million, South Australians $128 million, Tasmanians $52 million, just under $50 million in the ACT and $24 million will be spent in the Northern Territory.

And it's not over yet - the ARA expects shoppers to spend $17.9 billion nationally by January 15.

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